Probably The World’s
Largest Paper Marble Run!

  Make your marble soar
  through the tricks and tracks  
  of our paper rollercoaster!

It’s our 1st birthday at OliOli® – to mark the occasion, we’ve built (Probably) The World’s Largest Paper Marble Run!

Join us until Mid November to play and discover the twists and turns of a marble rollercoaster built entirely of paper! Watch as your marble zooms through a loop, flies around a turn, or spins down a funnel – the possibilities are endless.

Access to the installation is included with all general visitation tickets. Suitable for children aged 5+ only. 

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. The marble run is suitable for children aged 5+ only
  2. Access to (Probably) The World’s Largest Paper Marble Run is valid with any general admission tickets. 
  3. The marble run is a temporary installation that will run between October 21st 2018 and November 12th 2018.

The Making

This was a true community initiative, which involved over 100 children coming together to help build this amazing sculpture. The design was conceived by Laurence Fauchelle – and the construction of the track was overseen by OliOli® colleagues Reid & Teri, who were supported by all our Imaginators and Gallery Attendents. Watch our timelapse video to see how it was made! 


Who Is Laurence Fauchelle?

(Probably) The World’s Largest Marble Run was designed by Laurence Fauchelle, a Dubai-based dad and maker. Laurence designs and builds boats for a living, and he designed this amazing paper sculpture in his free time alongside the team at OliOli®. Laurence is raising his children to be ‘makers’ (as opposed to being just consumers) – and with (Probably) The World’s Largest Paper Marble Run, he wanted to offer that experience to all the kids in Dubai.