play for body
and mind

We exist to bring wow experiences to children of all ages – creating a wholesome and delight-filled alternative to screen-based fun. Each space has been thoughtfully conceived with creativity and innovation, designed to inspire, stimulate imagination and curiosity, and spark a love of learning.

Hands on, inhibitions off

OliOli® encourages children to try everything for themselves, gaining confidence from building with their own hands, sharpening their skills and engaging in open-ended fun. In a safe and joyful environment, there are no frowns or failures, just learning and discovering new ways to think and play.

Imaginative play, real learning

By weaving practical thinking with incredible fun, we encourage children to develop a deep fascination for the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). Our exhibits have been carefully designed to support a number of different curricula, making OliOli® an ideal destination for school trips.

Family-centred, community-minded

Ultimately, OliOli® is all about celebrating the communities we serve by being a friendly neighbour that enriches family life and brings people together. From spending time in our relaxed, healthy café to discussing big issues – like the importance of art, creativity and mindfulness – OliOli® provides a hub of joy, understanding and unforgettable shared experiences.